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Safeguarding & Code of Conduct

  • Prioritise the well-being of all children and adults at all times

  • Be a positive role model. Act with integrity, even when no-one is looking.

  • Help create a safe and inclusive environment both on and off the court and promote Fair Play values: enjoy; respect.

  • Value and celebrate diversity and make all reasonable efforts to meet individual needs

  • Keep clear boundaries between your professional and personal life, including on social media.

  • Check you have the relevant consent from parents/carers, children and adults before taking or using photos and videos.

  • Ensure your own roles and responsibilities, and those of everyone you are responsible for, are clearly outlined and everyone has the information, training and support to carry them out

  • Where possible, do not be alone with a child or adult at risk

  • Do not abuse, neglect, harm or discriminate against anyone; or act in a way that maybe be interpreted as such*

  • Doing nothing is NOT an option: report all concerns and disclosures as soon as possible, following the Concern Reporting Procedure. If someone is in immediate danger, call the police (999).

The Code of Conduct should be interpreted in a spirit of integrity, transparency and common sense, with the best interests of children and adults at risk as the primary consideration.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Safeguarding Policy

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